Phoenix Tillers

Formerly labeled and marketed by as First Choice.

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NC Sales 6.75% tax will not be added if shipped outside NC.

Phoenix Line Rotary Tillers are well suited for all farms, hobby farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, landscapers, nurseries, vineyards, and gardeners. Applications include: soil conditioning weed control, fertilizer incorporation and seedbed preparation. All come standard with slip clutch PTO, adjustable lower links, and heavy duty drag boards.

Seller's note:
Hi. We have sold hundreds these tillers during the past 25 years. They have been shipped them direct to customers all over the United States and overseas. I cannot remember any complaints or concerns from any customer. Excellent parts support service has been and remains in place for quick parts service and direct shipping. This product has my 100% seal of approval.
Best wishes,
Steve Carver

Get a quote via e-mail
(Please include your full name, hometown, state, zip code and telephone number)

T4 Series 15-30 HP Chain drive 40,48, 59 inches, red or orange

T5 Series 20-35 HP Chain drive 36,40,48,52,56,60 inches, red or orange

T8 Series 20-35 HP Chain drive 62,74 inches, red or orange

T10 Series 33-50 HP Gear drive 58,66,74 inches, red or orange

Reverse spin tillers are all special order with advance payment required.
6 to 10 weeks wait time.

T10R Series 33-50 HP Gear Drive, 58, 66, 74 inches. Orange color.
Reverse turn tillers cost approximately $1,600 more than similar width standard forward turn tillers.

T15 Series 35-60 HP Gear Drive, 72,80 inches, red or orange

T20 Series 40-70 HP Gear Drive, 68,72,80,90 inches, orange only

T25 Series 60-90 HP Gear Drive, 80,92,100 inches, orange only

T30 Series 90-100 HP Gear Drive, 90,100,112,120 inches, orange only

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