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Formerly labeled and marketed by carverequipment.com as First Choice.

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Thinking about buying a tiller for your tractor?
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What beginners want to know.
The tractor's three point hitch serves to connect and raise-lowered a tiller. The tractor's rear PTO ( power take off) powers the tillers after they are connected by the PTO shaft. The tiller must be properly sized to the tractor for proper operation and to avoid damages and repairs to both units. Important considerations will include tiller weight, width, lubrication, gear box HP capacity and the length of the PTO shaft.

What if my ground is really hard?
Your tractor tiller blades spin around and though the dirt to pulverize it to the degree you need for leveling or planting seeds. If the ground area has not been tilled before or recently, it will be very hard for a tiller's blades to penetrate the surface very deeply and several pass overs may be required to complete the your tillage goals. If the soil top surfaced has been tilled with a moldboard plow, sub-soiler shank, by the ripper/scafiers on a box blade by to tilling, the tillers performance will be enhanced and you'll be able to complete the work quicker and easier. The ground area will probably be much easier to till next time if it has not been compacted by traffic.

What comes with a new tiller?
Every new Phoenix tiller includes: 3 pt hitch, Quick hitch compatible, Jack stand, PTO shaft with slip clutch assy. , Adjustable side skids to determine working depth, Six each "Curved" blades per flange, Long-life seal for rotor, operator-parts manual.

Where can the premier Phoenix Tillers be purchased?
Phoenix tillers (all manufactured by Sicma) are right here for you. After 56 years in business, we know how to serve customers with "service that satisfies. CarverEquipment.com is a marketing dba for Fast Forward Services, Inc., Steve Carver, President. In business since May 1959. Just fill in the blanks on our quote request form and we'll send a firm priced - delivered quotation.

Why buy Phoenix Tillers?
These tillers have earned the reputation of being the very best valued and quality tillers in the worldwide marketplace for most applications. They have the ultra high standards of quality controls insuring the best workmanship and materials in the market. They are manufactured, assembled, painted and crated in Italy by the Sicma Corporation. Next, they are carefully loaded into sealed containers for the overseas shipment. After being unloaded at our distribution center, they are ready to be shipped direct to you.

Parts support?
No worries whatsoever. Not only do we keep and huge stock of the various tiller models but a massive supply of tiller blades and other parts at our USA distribution center in eastern North Carolina. We usally ship tiller parts next day via UPS. Larger heavier parts or bundles and crates are shipped via motor freight trucks at very competitive prices.

Tiller warranty?
Yes, tillers have a 12 months general warranty and 3 years warranty on the gearbox. Of course this only covers non wear items. Click here for a detailed warranty statement.

Phoenix Line Rotary Tillers are well suited for all farms, hobby farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, landscapers, nurseries, vineyards, and gardeners. Applications include: soil conditioning weed control, fertilizer incorporation and seedbed preparation. All come standard with slip clutch PTO, adjustable lower links, and heavy duty drag boards.

Seller's note:
Hi. We have sold hundreds these tillers during the past 25 years. They have been shipped them direct to customers all over the United States and overseas. I cannot remember any complaints or concerns from any customer. Excellent parts support service has been and remains in place for quick parts service and direct shipping. This product has my 100% seal of approval.
Best wishes,
Steve Carver

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