Land Clearing Machine

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You Gotta Watch These Videos:

Intimidate your job with the Intimidator.

What all can I do with the Intimidator?

PULL - tree stumps, shrubs, posts
SAW - large tree roots
DIG - stumps, boulders, rocks
CARRY - trees, shrubs, posts, rocks

Where are the Danuser products made?

Fulton, MO. USA

Normal wait time after product is ordered?

It varies season to season, average 15 days

Do I have to pay NC Sales tax?

Yes, If you are a NC resident without NC DR tax exempt account.
No, If we are shipping to an address outside NC.

Where can I pick up the unit and avoid shipping costs?

Statesville, NC - week days, after pre-payment, at our distribution center. We can arrange for implements to be shipped to various locations and trucking terminals. Each order will be handled separately.

Is this unit really as tough and strong as it appears in the video?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Our customers continue to say "Yes."


One Year.

Carver Equipment