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Tractor Canopies

Canopies range in price from $275. To $450.

Email: info@carverequipment.com

The prices change up/down in direct relation to the thickness of the material
and quality of the workmanship and design.

Some canopies are made of very thin plastic type material, some from thin and thick aluminum, and some out of fiberglass.  The plastic and fiberglass canopies are available in different colors including white.

We have tried to focus our sales and stock the TELTRAX BRAND canopy.  They are mfg. by a small family business over in Tennessee and they take great pride and care in their quality.

The Teltrax is heavy duty built of HD POLY PLASTIC or optional reinforced  fiberglass . They are designed strong enough that you can usually leave it mounted-even when transporting a tractor on the highway.  

NOTE-> We do recommend and insist that an owner would do highway towing with the tractor's rear end be on the leading end of the truck or trailer to avoid possible damages to the canopy.

Most other brands we've seen during the past 43 years will not stand ANY true comparison test to Teltrax's value, material, strength, design, paint quality and match.

The Teltrax is $375. And is available in the color you choose to match your tractor "new" paint or white or in aluminum (tread plate) design.

We do represent other product lines that include canopies, but we choose not to offer them to customer across the nation due to our experience with disappointments.  We really do want you to be 100% satisfied with your new canopy.  Shipping direct to a business location with a telephone and regular weekday business hours usually runs approx. $75.

Shipping direct to any other type location where a delivery truck may have trouble finding the site or be delayed because no one is "home" usually runs approx. $125.

The canopy is shipped in a cardboard box (approx. 4.5 'x 6') as are the mounting brackets and U bolts.  Mounting requires no special tools or addition hardware.  Mounting can usually be completed by two healthy folks that can lift as much as 70 LB each within a period of 20 to 40 minutes.

Advantages of having a canopy are many.  1. It will give cover from direct sun rays and light rain/snow and protection for the operator and operator station

2. Serves as platform for home made canvas or vinyle covers.

3. Serves as great platform to mount custom lighting, antenna, etc., 4. Serves as a hand hold and pull-up handle point to aide mounting and dismounting the tractor for many elderly and/or disable operators.

To purchase your canopy -- we'll need:

  • your complete name and address

  • your phone number

  • the ship to address, name of business and phone number

  • the make, model, serial numbers of your tractor

  • the color and material you desire

  • any special needs that concern you....

  • email info@carverequipment.com rts
    Then advance payment needs to be made.

  • A.  via credit card and you can phone the card # into us @ 910 892 7171

  • then press zero and ask for someone to assist you.

  • B.  mail your personal check (this will delay shipment for ten days while
    your check clears the bank)

    Shipment direct to you is usually complete within ten working days anywhere
    in the continental USA.


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