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Moving snow with tractor ?
1. snow blowing tractor -rear snow blower
2. snow blowing and plowing tractor -rear snow blower  and front mounted snow
3. snow blowing and loading tractor -rear snow blower  and  front end loader-bucket for piling snow  on the front of the tractor
4. snow blowing tractor - front snow blower
5. snow blowing and blading tractor - front snow blower  and rear  mounted
snow plowing blade
6. rear blading with front end loader - bucket for piling snow  on the front
of the tractor
7. rear blading with front snow plow on the front of the tractor
8. rear blading with front snow plow on the front of the tractor mount to the
front end loader (with bucket removed)

Best tires ice-soft snow... oversize turf tires (not to be used with front
end loaders and mis mount mowers
Best tires -- all conditions  R4  - industrial style tires
Best tires -- sticky, wet, clay or real muddy -- swamp conditions.  Ag field
tillage task - R1 ag tires
To improve traction:
Ballast in tires
Wheel weights
Front weights