RTV 900 Basic Specifications

RTV 900    specifications
Mfg. reminds that they are subject to change without notice.
Engine Make  Kubota Model D 902
Engine Type  3 cylinder, 4 cycle, diesel, OHV
Engine Displacement   898 cc
Engine Horsepower   21.6 HP @ 3200 rpms
Sound level, operator ear 85dB
Steering  Hydrostatic Power

Fuel Capacity  7.9 US Gallons

Transmission   Continuously variable transmission (HST)
Ground Speed  0-25 mph
Wheels, drive system   4 wheels, Rear 2wd or 4wd
Differential Lock  Standard, foot operated
Gear Selection  Hi-Mi-Lo range, forward, neutral, reverse
Brakes  Front / Rear    Wet disk brake
Parking Brake   Rear Wheel, hand lever
Suspension  Front  Independent, Macpherson strut-type
Suspension  Rear   Semi-independent, DeDion axle w/leaf springs and hydraulic shocks
Weight  General Purpose Model 1808 LB
Weight  Worksite Model 1885 LB
Weight  Turf  Model 1878 LB
Weight  Recreational (CAMO) Model 1845 LB
Tires Front and Rear General Purpose Model  25x10x12 Knobby  6 ply
Tires Front and Rear Worksite Model  25x10x12 HDWS  6 ply
Tires Front and Rear TURF Model  23x10.5x12 Turf  4 ply
Tires Front Recreational (CAMO)  Model  25x10x12 ATV  6 ply
Tires Rear  Recreational (CAMO)  Model  25x11x12 ATV  6 ply


Front Bumper is standard on Worksite, Turf, Recreational(CAMO) models. 
Front Bumper is optional on General Purpose model.
Color - Orange is standard on General Purpose,Worksite and Turf models.
Color - CAMO is standard on Recreational(CAMO) models. 
Bed Lift-Dump, Hydraulic Installed w/ valve is standard on Worksite and Turf models.
Bed Lift-Dump, Hydra installed w/ valve is optional on G. Purpose and Recreational models.
Aux. Control (remote)  Valve is standard on Turf models.
Aux. Control (remote) Valve is optional on G. Purpose, Worksite and Recreational models.
Speedometer is standard on the Recreational model.
Speedometer is G. Purpose, Worksite and Turf models.
CARGO BOX (BED) Width 52 inches
CARGO BOX (BED) Length (w/o Bush guard) 46.7 inches
CARGO BOX (BED) Depth  11.4 inches
CARGO BOX (BED) Volume  16 cu ft
CARGO BOX (BED) Bed Height (unloaded) 31.6 inches
Length (w/o bus guard)  116.7 inches
Width  59.8 inches
Height, overall  79.3 inches
Front Tread Centers  45.3 inches
Rear Tread Centers 46.1 inches
Wheelbase  77.4 inches
Ground Clearance  - Front Axle 7.4 inches
Ground Clearance  - Center 13.2 inches
Ground Clearance  - Rear Axle 9.1 inches
Turning Diameter,  not radius ...   24.6 feet
Towing Capacity    1323 LB
Payload Capacity  1630 LB