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"The world's finest mower"
Farm-Maxx Sickle Bar Mowers
Mfg. by Rossi in Italy - Three point hitch mounted.

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    Model                Cut               SB Lift       Weight       CEC HP recommended
1. CE 5.5 SBM M. 5.5 foot cut, manual lift. weighs 430 lbs., 12 HP +
2. CE 5.5 SBM H 5.5 foot cut, with hydraulic cylinder and hose. 450 lbs., 12 HP +
3. CE 7.0 SBM M 7.0 foot cut, manual lift. weighs 633 lbs., 26 HP +
4. CE 7.0 SBM H 7.0 foot cut, with hydraulic cylinder and hose. 633 lbs. 26 HP +
5. CE 9.0 SBM H 9.0 foot cut, with hydraulic cylinder and hose. 710 lbs. 30 HP +

The Farm-Maxx Sickle Bar Mowers - the best sickle bar mowers for mowing around ponds, ditch embankments or even hay operations. These sickle bar mowers can do the work of larger machines and thus gives you a better operational cost. These machines are built tough and will give you years of preformance with very low maintenence costs.

The mower's cutting - operating range from 90 degrees vertical to 75 - degrees - down slope.

These Sickle Bar Mowers come in 5.5 ft, 7.0 ft or 9.0 ft models.
The 5.5 ft and 7.0 ft models come with hydraulic kit options to raise and lower - set angles/positions of the cutter bar from the seat. The hydr. kit is standard on the 9.0 ft model.

The mowers operate with lower PTO HP requirements than other cutting machines and have double acting cutter bars which give you a great cutting results and long parts life with very little downtime.

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