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Carver now sells

PTO Generators


The Tiger-Power PTO generators are self-exciting, brushless, synchronous generators. They are available in single-phase and three-phase (20kW single phase only). Its rugged design makes it ideal for agricultural operations such as Dairy, Greenhouses, Poultry, Swine, Aquaculture and many other applications where portable power is needed and a tractor is available. It is equipped with an AC voltage meter and an AC RPM (Hz.) meter conveniently located on the front of the unit to allow for easy viewing while adjusting the tractor throttle. It has two 120V convenience outlets and a 240V welder outlet in addition to the 240V full power outlet. The unit is equipped with individual circuit breakers for each power outlet in addition to the main breaker. These units are designed with a drip-proof construction to allow for outdoor use. It contains lifetime pre-lubricated bearings. These units are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. They come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Standard Features

  • Brushless Excitation
  • Electronic voltage regulation ±2%
  • Continuous duty ratings at 104º F (40º C)
  • 3" Volt Meter
  • 3" RPM (Hertz) Meter
  • Rugged welded steel frame
  • Lifetime pre-lubricated bearings in cast iron carrier
  • Drip proof construction
  • All copper windings
  • Insulation class H, double dip varnished and tropicalized
  • Circuit Breakers: Main & (2) secondary
  • Convenient power outlets: (2) 120V - 20A, (1) 240V - 50A
  • Shielded PTO Shaft
  • 20 - 60kW 540 x 6 spline input ; 75 - 100kW 1000 x 21 spline input
  • Optional Cart (as pictured), PTO Shaft & Cord Set
  • 5 year limited warranty

just in time for hurricane season!


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The basic package single phase generator, 10 ft cord set, shaft and trailer models are:





PTO10 10kW PTO Generator  20  List $ 2945.  Sell  $1825.
PTO15 15kW PTO Generator 30  List $ 4280.  Sell  $2750.
PTO20 20kW PTO Generator 40 List $ 4825.  Sell  $3375.
PTO30 30kW PTO Generator 60 List $ 6035.  Sell  $4225.
PTO40 40kW PTO Generator 80 List $  7580. Sell  $4850.
PTO50 50kW PTO Generator 100 List $  8990. Sell  $5750.
PTO60 60kW PTO Generator 120  List $  9725. Sell  $6220.
PTO75 75kW PTO Generator 170 List $11250. Sell  $7195.
PTO100 100kW PTO Generator 200 List $12580. Sell  $8050.

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